About Us

FanningPhilips is a mother/daughter owned company that specializes in one-of-a-kind furniture, accessories, and home décor.  

For custom work, please email us at patra@fanningphilips.com.

Diana has been making jewelry for over three decades.  Her classic designs stand the test of time.  While she prefers using only real gemstones, her daughter, Patra, encourages her to try a few trendy things here and there.  She was in the banking industry for nearly forty years before retiring and joining up with Patra.

Patra has been in the architectural business for nearly thirty years.  When not designing buildings or houses she designs new life for discarded furniture and home décor.  She created The House Enthusiast over five years ago, blogging about the housing industry, real estate, and painting furniture.  When Diana retired they decided to pull their talents together and create FanningPhilips.

They have a storefront space in Summer James Boutique in McKinney, Texas, where they showcase and sell their creations.



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